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Select one of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about buying and selling converted and unconverted barns, churches , chapels, Oast houses, Old schools and all unusual properties in today’s modern marketplace.

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What is a Barn Conversion ?

A barn conversion is all about taking an old and disused farm building and transforming it into a bright and airy home.

Some barns will be far easier to convert than others, they may be of a far better  quality and of a stronger structure.

And others may be far more dilapidated and have deteriorated much further.

How much does a Barn Conversion cost ?

That’s the 64 million dollar question but it is extremely difficult to put a figure on how much a barn conversion will cost its not only dependent on the area or barn size,

But also just how dilapidated the barn is, a building that have been left unmaintained for a long period of time may have many structural weaknesses, like damaged roofs fallen walls etc these will require far more work, which will of course cost more.

The essential cost in any barn conversion is ensuring that the structure is strong enough to bear the increased weight element i.e. extra walls and floors  and of course the craftsmen cost in respect for the historical integrity of your barn conversion.

So back to the question how much does a barn conversion cost? as explained above it’s almost impossible to put a ballpark figure on the cost involved, as it depends on so many factors.

However, this we can say,barn conversions are typically more expensive than new builds so you should expect to pay upwards of £1500 plus per square metre.

All of the above also explains is why it’s so important to employ a professional and experienced structural engineer to ensure right from the start that it is a viable, safe and effective project.

And also to hire the right architect, preferably one with barn conversion experience he will help you with the planning process, estimate cost and help keep those costs under control.

Do I need planning permission to convert a Barn?

Planning permission

Changes to planning laws in 2014 mean you can convert a barn under permitted development rights. This government scheme allows certain projects to go through without the need for full planning permission, and in the case of a barn conversion, can be utilised to create up to five new residential dwellings.

However, like with many planning laws, the rules around permitted development can be a little complex. Barn conversions fall under a Class known as ‘MB’, found in Part 3 of the Second Schedule of the General Permitted Development Order.

1, You’re able to convert your barn into a dwelling if the following conditions are met…

2, The site must have only been used for agricultural use.

3, The barn in question must have been standing by 20th March 2013.

4, If you wish to convert a new barn, it’ll need to have existed solely as an agricultural building for at least 10 years.

5, The total floorspace of your barn to be converted must be no more than 465m².

6, The 465m² can be divided into five separate dwellings.

If the site is subject to an agricultural tenancy, landowners must have the express consent of their tenants.

It’s also worth noting that under this Class, permitted development allows reasonable construction operations, but only within the existing structure. New internal walls? Fine. New doors and windows? You’re good to go.

But if you want to simply knock down flimsy elements and essentially build a residence from scratch, then this won’t be covered.

How do I apply and get building regulations for a Barn Conversion?

Building regulations are a set of statutory requirements that all buildings must meet in order to create a safe and healthy environment to inhabit.

They cover everything from the structure, thermal performance, sound-proofing, drainage, all the way to fire safety – to name just a few!

To ensure your project is in line with UK building regulations, you must commission a set of technical drawings of your proposed build, demonstrating all legal requirements have been met, before submitting this to either your local building control or by hiring a private approved inspector.

The scope of work covered by this stage means you’ll need more than one professional on board to prepare your application. For a barn conversion, this will typically include…

A structural engineer

An architect

A CCTV surveyor

A party wall surveyor

An approved inspector

What Prior Notification do I need?

One condition of permitted development for barn conversions is that prior notification should be given to the local planning authority before work starts.

The council has the right to refuse the proposals if certain criteria are not met and can impose conditions on the development.

It could be argued that this ‘prior notification’ procedure is essentially a planning application with another name!

We’d advise discussing your particular case with an architect, perhaps even before purchasing the plot.

A good architect will help you navigate the complexities of the planning process during the design and development phase of the project.

Is your Barn Project really a Conversion or a Re-build?

Is your Barn Conversion a‘re-build’ that requires planning permission whereas a barn conversion’ may not complicated we know.

Please be aware that your local planning authority may classify the development as a re-build, even if much of the existing building remains.

You will need to seek approval from your Local Planning Authority before starting work on your project.

Where can I find unconverted and converted Barns for Sale?

1, Right here at of course, barnfinders has been positioned as the new fast and effective user friendly internet portal for buying and selling converted and unconverted barns, churches , chapels, Oast houses, Old schools and all unusual properties in today’s modern marketplace.

2, Google and search for old or derelict barns for conversions:

3, On the market has a good list of barns for sale, both completed conversions and barns to be converted.

4, Barnsetc is a site dedicated to help you find your perfect barn or barn conversion.