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Buying & Converting an old barn part one.

Buying & Converting an old barn part one.

A quick guide to buying and converting an old barn

Buying an old barn or dilapidated farm building and converting them into your dream home can be both complex and expensive, but once complete they are usually one of the most beautiful homes in the English countryside.

So it’s essential that you not only draw up plans by a skilled architect but also a detailed budget that takes into account all of the costs you are likely to be incur.

When buying a barn to convert, properties that already have planning permission in place will be more expensive, but you need to think about whether the extra outlay is worth it and whether the plans in place fit your own ideas and expectations.

Planning Permission

Applying for planning permission is likely to involve the need to consult professional architectural services or chartered surveyors in order to construct the proper plans.

Use the very best architects and qualified professionals and also employ the best contractors as the project continues, to make up for the shortfall in skills you would have you can afford.

At the end of the day, only you can anticipate the problems that might arise based on the complexity of your project.

A larger and more extensive undertaking is likely to require more expert knowledge and participation than you may have, so this too could be an additional expense

Do you need all that land

The price of the land that you will buy with a barn will also contribute towards the asking price, so you need to think carefully about how much land you actual require.


You need to find out what utilities are included on the site and how hard it will be to install them if they are required, barns are usually in more remote locations and it may be harder to get the services you require

Remember every new utility that you need to get installed will push up your conversion costs and may increase the time it takes to complete the project, you may be able to substitute some utilities with new technologies or alternative sources.

Considering options that will also help to improve the energy consumption of your conversion is also likely to help you obtain the planning permission that you need, as planning authorities are under government instructions to promote more eco-friendly housing solutions.

Part two to follow



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